Web Genius Summit

Jeffery KirkShameless Self Promotion, Website Conversion, Website Traffic

As an website development and internet marketing firm we often get questions like:

  • “how do I get more people to purchase on my website?”
  • “should we be using Twitter?”
  • “is search engine optimization really a good thing or just a waste of money?”
  • “how can we show up on the first page of Google?”
  • “what good is blog anyway?”

Instead of taking the time to answer all of these individually, I decided that it’s time to get some experts together.  Let’s combine the knowledge of a bunch of Business and Web geniuses and give access to business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere.

We’re launching the Web Genius Summit with a great list of experts who can drill down to specifics and answer all your questions on their topic.

Registration for this teleseminar and webcast series is FREE!  So get on the guest list now and take your business up a notch or two.