Website Design & Development

Website Design
& Development

Want your website to look good on all devices?

Your new website needs all the pieces to come together and present your message with impact.  Comstar's proven methods for website development result in compelling websites that are organized so visitors can easily find what they are looking for, generating leads and sales for you with:

  • Workshops to define your website
  • Designs that make you stand out
  • Functions that achieve your website goals
  • Training to manage your website content

From single-page branding websites to online stores with hundreds of pages, Comstar works with you to determine the right approach for your business or non-profit organization.  Online forms, slideshows, product carousels, and more can be deployed to build a site that will perform a wide range of functions.  Web design and development are both an art and a science at Comstar.

Comstar’s approach to website design begins with a look at your big picture objectives. We don't take a one-size-fits-all approach, and we are realistic about what it takes to make a website work for your business or organization.

Do you need a new website with all new content or do you already have a website that just needs a design update or are you somewhere in-between?

A new, modern design might mean a Rapid Prototyping approach and a transfer of existing content, while a Strategic Planning approach is more comprehensive and includes a Design Workshop with an additional focus on organization of the content.

The Design Workshop is where we work with you to understand your wants and needs, including the visual design, the calls-to-action, the pages and navigation, and the components that can provide functionality for your visitors.  We also define the project timeline, decisions to be made, and who will perform the tasks involved.

You choose the best approach for your organization.


A sampling of our work from over 25 years of web design and development


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