Magnetize Your Website With a Dedicated Landing Page

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Think of a landing page (aka a lead generation page) as a sort of “smart magnet” for your website.  It wants to be smart enough to attract visitors interested in just one thing and convert them into leads or even sales for you.  It does this by being focused on one idea, service, product, or even geographic area so that the visitors who find it on search engine result pages (SERP) get what they expect when they click on your link.

When they get there, have it be focused on information designed for conversion of your website visitor.  It should point the way for them to reach out to you with a simple online form.  Set realistic expectations with your visitors about when you will respond and then adhere to them by doing so promptly.  To those who submit online forms nothing is worse than not getting a response when promised.

We created this landing page for our own Advanced Spam & Virus Filter, literally pointing visitors to our form to sign up for the filter.

The form could be as simple as an email sign-up, so you can contact them later with individual or mass emails.  Keep it simple and do not require more information than you need to fulfill the promise of your landing page message.

If the page is for a specific product and you have an ecommerce store, create a separate landing page and feature a prominent link to add the item to the visitor’s shopping cart.  For better results, make the link a graphic with an eye-catching, contrasting color.

Make sure your phone number and any other ways to contact you are obvious on the page for those who won’t typically complete a form.  It’s always best to offer visitors multiple ways to get what they want.

Here is another example of a landing page we created for Holy Hill Self Storage in Richfield, WI, specifically for attracting searchers looking for self storage in Germantown, WI.

While similar information existed on pages of the example sites above, each required a focused page to attract visitors searching for specific results and to be able to track the results and determine the success of our efforts.

Now that you’ve got a landing page on your site, how do you leverage the search engines to get visitors to it?  I’ll answer that question in my next post.