Web Genius Summit – volume 1

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The Web Genius Summit has just concluded the first set of 12 interviews.  You can read about the first six sessions in the previous post at Web Genius Summit Update.

This current post will give a recap of the final six interviews of volume 1…

The second half of the series kicked off with Erik Stafford.  Erik is an internationally recognized expert in internet marketing and building easy website sales systems.  He took us back to some of the internet marketing basics to help you build a stronger online presence for your business.  His program Faster Webmaster is still available.

Kyle Battis showed us the power of teleseminars to teach others, create a following, and add additional revenue to your bottom line.  Much of the Web Genius Summit teleseminar series was based on the things that Kyle told us about. You can learn about teleseminars through the My First Teleseminar series.

Then we had Susan Hill.  Susan learned to create opportunity in a small niche by employing experts at various tasks using Elance.  You can use Susan’s experience and advice to propel your business forward too.  She has a book called Elance Made Easy available for download now.

Ben Mack, marketing strategist extraordinaire, taught us the benefits of thinking and planning ahead, not just one step but two.  How do you take your customer or your business from where it is at right now and move it to where it will be?  Thinking two products ahead, two sales ahead, two promotions ahead helps you capture more money in a systematic way.  This call closed out with an invitation for ecommerce owners to start planning Cyber-Monday with Christmas in July.

David Deutsch is an A-level copywriter and one of the top direct response marketing consultants in the U.S.  He told us several million dollar marketing secrets and how you can Think Inside the Box! to generate profitable new ideas for your business.  Did you get in on million dollar secret #3?  If not, click the link at David’s name to see how you can grab his ideas system and get the out-of-print book with 20 different secrets as a bonus.

The final episode of Web Genius Summit volume 1 was carried by Brian McLeod.  Brian is a direct-response copywriter, sales trainer, and creative marketing consultant who helped to bring all the pieces of the Web Genius Summit together, showing how you can integrate your offline marketing and your online marketing efforts for maximum impact!  Not only that, but he also introduced masterminding as a way to add a new profit stream to your business. 

While you’ve already missed these interviews you can register now to be invited to participate at no charge in volume 2 starting later this year.  In the meantime, upon registration, you’ll have the option to purchase volume 1 so you can get caught up on all these great lessons.  Details at www.webgeniussummit.com.