Web Genius Summit Update

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Now that we’re half way through the first set of guest experts on the Web Genius Summit, I would like to take a few minutes to summarize what you may have missed.

In case you’re not familiar with the Web Genius Summit, let me first give you a brief description… I am interviewing business and internet geniuses for 60 minutes each.  By listening in you get to discover strategies that will help your business too.

Some of the geniuses on the calls are authors, some are coaches, others are business people who have unlocked the key to internet success in their own business.  All are experts sharing their experience…

Mark Joyner was our Web Genius headliner.  He is a #1 best-selling author of over a dozen books. He is recognized as a pioneer of e-commerce and is responsible for inventing and popularizing technologies we take for granted such as remotely-hosted ad tracking and ebooks.  While we discussed a number of great topics for business, he presented one factor that would allow your business to take off like a precision missile.

Lewis Howes and Sean Malarkey joined us to discuss social media.  As LinkedIn and Twitter experts they helped us to define how to dominate social media in your niche without wasting all your time.

Brad Sugars came on board as a business coach to discuss strategies to grow your business now.  Brad is best known as the founder and CEO of ActionCOACH – a business and executive coaching firm that presently operates in 26 countries spanning six continents.  Brad is currently on a nationwide tour.  See if he’s visiting your area.  Register for free with ticket code SMIL010 at www.businessisboomingtour.com!

Ann ConveryAnn Convery taught us how to reach the Primitive-Brain — the one that triggers every buying decision your visitors make, and drives results on your website and in social media.  Ann has a class starting in May called “You’re so Brilliant! Why Don’t They Buy?”  It’s likely that her class would make an immediate and perceptible difference in your business.  Get registered now!

Ann also wins our Guest Expert of Distinction Award based on the extreme density of great information and from excessive positive feedback from our listeners!

Howie Jacobson, the author of AdWords For Dummies, showed us how to get better results for less money using Google Adwords.  Yes, you need to understand how to write your ads so that they attract buyers and repel everyone else!

Pat Marcello is an author who wanted to sell more books.  In the process she turned to internet marketing and became an expert in blogging and search engine optimization.  Pat talked about what’s important in SEO and how to use blogs to drive traffic, creating trusting, eager buyers.

We also had the pleasure of a bonus call with Audrey Kerwood.  Audrey is an ecommerce expert who showed us the 8 factors that every high-converting ecommerce site must have.  Watch for an announcement about Audrey’s ecommerce 3-day training seminar coming in July.  I’m going to be speaking at this event!

While you’ve already missed these interviews you can still get in on new ones that follow.  Registration to listen in on the calls is FREE!  Get on the guest list now and you’ll be invited to participate in our future calls.  Plus the existing calls are being put into a library of audios and transcripts.  You can pick these up at a great price.

Isn’t it time you learn what you need to move your business to the next level?