Website Analytics Are Good For Business

Joseph ComoWebsite Conversion, Website Tips

Web analytics is a tool used to measure, collect and analyze internet data.  Today’s analytics do more than just tally up how many visitors come to your website each month.  Analytics can tell you where your visitors go, how long they stay there, and whether or not they complete the sale, sign up or achieve whatever conversion goal you have in mind.

Your Internet marketing efforts can benefit from learning as much about your website visitors as possible.  Analytics can show visitor traffic increases or decreases after the launch of new advertising or promotional campaigns.  It is perfect for tracking trends.  Analytics can help you see if changes to your website impacted your sales and conversions.

If your site can make the visitor feel the experience was natural and easy, then you’ve connected with them in a way that will grow your business.  They will visit more often and recommend your site to friends.  Analytics can help you make your site do this by giving you feedback to changes that improve your site.  And improve your bottom line!

Website analytics can help the marketing executive determine which online ad is the most effective, which keywords lead to conversions, what traffic trends do visitors respond to the most. 

Analytics can also point the weaknesses in your site such as visitors leaving the site before taking action, or abandoning their shopping cart in the middle of a purchase process.

Your business wants valuable, loyal customers and website analytics can provide you with enough information to find them and, more importantly, to keep them.  Comstar has experts on staff to talk to you about your analytics options.  We offer both server-based website statistics and  website based Google Analytics.  Visit or email Bryn at