Time to Evaluate Your Web Presence?

Robert HoldemanWebsite Tips, Website Tools, Website Traffic

It’s nearly 2016.  Do you know where your website is?  No, really, do you know where it is hosted?  Do you know where your domain registration is or when it expires or who will get notified about it?  Do you know where your dns is hosted?  Or your email?  They may not be all in the same place, but it is critical that you have control of this information for your company or organization.

If you don’t know the answers to the above, your first New Year’s resolution should be to find out and make sure you have control of this most valuable web asset.

With that out of the way, it’s probably a good time to evaluate your website, the door to your business from an online sense.  Does it grab the visitor’s attention, is it easy to navigate, does it look good on all devices, can you make changes easily and are you keeping up with your competition by adding new content regularly?

Are you marketing your business as well as you can online or is it time for professional help?  Can you manage your own SEO and paid placement campaigns?  Are you spending too much or not enough time on social media to further your business or organization?  What else can you do?

Those are some of the questions that face marketers and business owners at this time of the year and that we hear often here at Comstar.  We provide various levels of analysis for our clients from a simple website critique to a more thorough examination (appropriately called an “Evaluation”) all the way to a fully formed, in-depth online web strategy, which includes all aspects of a company or organization’s internet activities for the following year or more.

I enjoy the strategies myself, with hours of research and planning, development and implementation going into a project.  But the best feeling is when a strategy results in 4-5 years of online growth for our clients and we can look back and see what worked and what didn’t.