The Key is in Your Keywords – Part 2

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips, Website Tools, Website Traffic

You are all set with your list of keywords and are ready to add them to your site – but where should you put them to ensure that search engine spiders see them?  Once you figure this out, how often should each word or phrase appear?

There are several key places to make sure you have your keywords.  The first place is in the title of your website.  Titles are most often shown in search results, so what better place to put some keywords?  Another excellent place for keywords is in the first paragraph on your site.  Since it is one of the first things a person will read when getting to your site, it is also one of the first things a spider will see.  Page headings and URL’s are also good places to add some keywords.  Try not to cram 5 or 6 keywords into your URL, though, as it makes it very lengthy and harder for people to remember.

When placing your keywords, make sure the flow of your text is still natural.  Don’t cram words in just so you can use all of the keywords you thought of.  Having them in logical sentences allows the spiders to get a better idea of what your website is about.  This gives you a chance to have a higher ranking on the search results page.

This brings up a good point.  Cramming keywords in every nook and cranny of your site will make it appear as spam to spiders, and not show up on the results page.  Having abundances of keywords on your site can also result in it being banned from search engines all together.  We don’t want that!

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, try keeping track of your keyword density.  Keyword density is the percentage of times that a keyword appears on your site, compared to the total number of words on the page.  A good keywords density to aim for is around 5%.  So for example, if you have 300 words on your page, 15 of those words could be keywords or phrases.

As you can see, keywords are an essential part of your website.  Use them the right way, and they will be of great benefit to you.

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