Start a Business Blog

Jeffery KirkUncategorized, Website Tips, Website Traffic

It seems that there is a lot of talk about blogs these days.  Like many other topics in the internet realm, the buzz changes over time.

In the beginning of this phase, the blog was seen as a way for  people to express themselves.  This gave them an opportunity to stroke their own egos whether or not anyone else was paying attention.

For a long time at our company we recommended businesses not pursue blogs.  Afterall, they do require updates so some thought had to be given to how this would be handled.  And who would really want to read the blogs anyway?  Why take up time if no one is looking?

Well, times have changes.  There is still a buzz about blogs, but the importance has shifted, and for good reason.  It turns out that “someone” is reading blogs.  That “someone” is a search engine.  In general, search engines consider blog content to be quality content.  Since it’s mostly text, it is easy for search engines to figure out the subject matter and index appropriately.

As the search engines rank blogs high, the links on the blog are rated well too.  If you have a link to your sales site on a blog site, you can get traffic from the blog visitors as well as a boost in rankings at the search engine.

Now we recommend blogs for most businesses.  The benefits outweigh the effort involved.  Want to know how to get started quickly and easily, without needing technical knowledge, and for not much money?

Here’s my best tip of the day…  Visit  Within a few days you can have your own business blog up and running and driving traffic to your sales site.