Bounce Rates – Part 2

Joseph ComoWebsite Conversion, Website Tools, Website Traffic

Want to lower your bounce rate? Here are some easy tips on how you can achieve this!

Check to make sure that your meta tags and keywords are relevant to your site.  Irrelevant words and phrases target the wrong audience, which leads to you getting a bunch of visitors who are not looking for what your site has to offer.  Correct words and phrases will target people who are actually looking for what is on your website.

Does your site have an easy to use navigation system?  People will often leave your site if they can’t figure out where to click next.  Having a simple navigation bar that makes it easy for a visitor to find what page they are looking for will have them clicking through your site with ease.

Going along with easy navigation, make sure the general layout of your page looks nice and tidy.  Flashing lights, pictures, videos, music, and tons of colors are overwhelming to visitors, and make your content hard to see and read.  Settle for a more neutral layout that will attract and keep your visitors on your site, not scare them away.

Your content should be professional and credible.  If you write in an unprofessional, sloppy manner, or “you’re visiter seas spelling mystaikes,” they will not think you are a good source of information/services/products, etc.  Take pride in what you write, and proofread everything!  Having someone leave your site because of a very preventable mistake is just foolish.

If you have links on your site, make sure they are easy to spot.  Linking to articles and other pages in your site that are related to what your visitor searched for is a great way to get them deeper into your site.

These are all great ways to help you lower your bounce rate.  Hopefully they help you out!