Social Media Domination

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Social media is a hot topic these days.  Should your business be using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?  We get asked about this a lot.

Last week I had the chance to interview Lewis Howes and Sean Malarkey.  Lewis is a LinkedIn expert and has co-authored a LinkedIn Success book on the subject.  Sean is a Twitter expert.  He got his experience using Twitter to generate tons of business for a real estate investment company.

We had a good hour together, but a few key points that I’d like to pass along to you are these:

  1. When you start using LinkedIn and/or Twitter be sure to complete your profile.  People read these so it’s your first impression.
  2. Be sure to link back to your website in your profiles.  If people like what they read in the profile, they’ll click through to your website to learn more.
  3. When creating a tweet or post, add value by providing good information.  If you contribute to the value of conversation, people will listen to you and you’ll gain influence.
  4. You CAN make progress with just a few minutes each day.

Lewis and Sean have put together an intense social media bootcamp complete with books, videos, and tools to help.  If you’re interested in some very in-depth training, consider this.  In addition to LinkedIn and Twitter, the bootcamp covers FaceBook, YouTube, and other media as well.

If you’d like to be invited to future interviews on web-business and internet marketing related topics you can register for the Web Genius Summit.  You’ll be among the first to get great information.  Did I mention registration is free?