Marketing Starts and Ends With Statistics (Are You Getting the Traffic You Think You Are?)

Robert HoldemanWeb Marketing, Website Conversion, Website Traffic

To understand how your website fits into your overall marketing efforts you need to understand how people are finding and using your website. Comstar offers a comprehensive web statistics package that pulls from our own web server log files and can provide you with the information you need.

Success on the web means getting people to do what you want them to do when they visit your site.

Web analytics or Web Stats provides information vital to driving new and repeat customers to your website. It is an important tool that can be used to optimize your site so that it more effectively accomplishes the goals of your business. Details from web stats include how many people visited your site, how many of those visitors were unique, how they came to your site (i.e., if they followed a link to get to the site or came there directly), what keywords they searched with from a search engine, how long they stayed on a given page or on the entire site, what links they clicked on, and when they left the site.

This information can be beneficial in an overall internet marketing plan, enabling your business to attract more visitors, attract new customers, and increase the dollar volume each customer spends. Understanding your site usage can guide you to improve any number of areas such as site content, site navigation, creative design, internal search, and the checkout process. A better, more useful site, improves your customers’ experience. That means better results for you.

All of the rich and interactive reports are available with up-to-the-minute details through a web interface. Reports can be printed or emailed, or even exported to use in spreadsheets.

This comprehensive information reporting can be added to any of Comstar’s website hosting packages for an additional $10 per month. There is a one-time setup fee of $25. Subscribe today and see what your website is really doing for you.

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