Drive Traffic with Your Corporate Blog

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“Why don’t I get good website traffic?” “Is something wrong with my website?” “Do I have to spend more money?” “Is there something I can do that won’t cost much?” “I know that if people actually got to our website, it would sell for us.”

Maybe you’ve had some of these thoughts regarding the poor performance of your own website.  You wouldn’t be the only one thinking this way.

So what is a good next step to help improve your results? 

Having been in the internet business for nearly 15 years, it’s quite normal to see business owners and executives floundering to understand what to do.  So don’t feel bad.  After-all the internet is not your business.  Your business is your business!  You shouldn’t be expected to keep up like those of us on the inside.

It’s interesting now though.  A number of pieces have come together which make the next step more obvious than ever before.  If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to get a blog!

In the past I have suggested that blogging would be a waste of time for a serious business. Who would want to read the rantings of your business?  And, perhaps more importantly, who in your business would have the time to post blog articles that aren’t getting read?  It all seemed so worthless.

Well, times have changed!  Now, blogs are generally accepted.  People like the casual nature of the information provided.  Even search engines love the information (hey, it’s mostly text so it’s easy for them) and therefore look quite favorably on blog sites.

What can you expect if you jump on the blog bandwagon?  You’ll discover 3 solid benefits:

  1. Higher Organic Search Rankings!
    When you post articles on a regular basis and you use relevant search keywords, the search engines will reward your blog with higher positions in natural search engine results.
  2. Drive Traffic with More Page Views!
    When web surfers find your blog, you’ll get more traffic to your sales site as well.  Increased traffic to your website translates to increased awareness and increased sales!
  3. Additional Credibility with Both Prospects and Customers!
    As your site visitors read your blog they will become more aware that you are an expert in your field.  As a result, your prospects and existing customers will consider you, your products, and your services as highly credible.  All that is left is for you to close the deal.
These are not the only benefits, but you’ll probably agree that if we stop here we’ve already got some good reasons in support of blogs.

So what do you do next?  I recommend you get a corporate blog.  Just click that link to get started.  Our “Start My New Blog” offering is designed with the quality you expect from Comstar along with a price that is very economical! 

Let’s get some more traffic to your site…