Benefits of Advertising Online

Joseph ComoWebsite Conversion, Website Traffic

Online advertising can be one of your most powerful low-cost marketing tools!

When you advertise online, your message is out there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online marketing tools vary from banner and pay-per-click ads, to auto-responder and email blasts.

Pay- Per- Click (PPC) ads target the traffic you want.  Advertising in this way means more realistic and relevant results.  Your initial investment for PPC is small.  You pay for only the users that click thru on the ad.  PPC campaigns are just as effective for small businesses as well as large businesses.  Results can be immediate and tracked in real time.

Banner ads can be either Pay Per Click or Flat Rate.  You can place your banner ads on websites that cater to your target market.  Banner ads can be extremely effective if you put them on websites in the right spot.  Banner ads work well because they are highly visible and attractive.

72% of businesses recently surveyed claim that email campaigns bring better ROI than traditional marketing methods.  According to the 8000 respondents of a 2010 Internet Marketing Survey, some email campaigns generate a return of almost 42 dollars for every one dollar spent.  Promotional emails give better results if you are a retail business.

36% of the respondents favor email marketing over SEO and social networking.   40% of the respondents are highly satisfied with the results of their email campaigns because of increased sales conversions.

Email marketing efforts are more likely to generate repeat sales, cross sell and up sell.