You vs We

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

Many companies make the mistake of writing in a way of “we do this” and “we do that.”  Nothing turns a visitor off more than that.  Think more “you” and less “we”.  Let’s look at an example.

Imagine you are heading to a website to read about a certain type of oranges for sale.  Here is what the website says about the seller: We have been picking oranges since 1906.  We ship to many different parts of the United States.  We have high standards and testing practices. How did those statements make you feel?  Did it leave you feeling that they didn’t care about you?  See, the seller was trying to make the point that they are experienced, their products are available in many places for you, and that their products are the best for you.  Did their statements come across like they cared for you?

If the seller would have written it in a “you” perspective, it may have sounded like this.  You are going to receive the best fruit possible because we have been picking only the best oranges for over 100 years.  You can be sure to find our products waiting for you in a variety of stores in over 40 states!  Your orange will be great tasting because it is put through tests to ensure it is of the highest quality.

See the difference?  This text is all about you and is written in a way that would get you excited to try one. And, it still gets all of the important points across.