Writing Titles for Your Web Pages

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

Take a close look at the page titles on your website. To do this you need to examine the order of your words within the title.  While your title may contain relevant information and keywords it may not be laid out in the best manner.  The rule to follow is that the most relevant information should go first in a page title.  Here’s an example of a page title:

“Everything you must know about Labrador Retrievers”

While this may sound fine and may describe exactly what is on the page, it is not the best title.  Why?  Remember the rule stated above:  the most relevant information should go first.  Do the first few words “everything you must know” really tell you that the page is about labs?

In the above example, a step closer to a proper page title may be a simple reversal of the information such as:

“Labrador Retrievers – Everything You Must Know”

One major benefit of proper titles is that it will help to increase your ranking in search engines.  Just as importantly, it will also help your visitors understand exactly what they are about to read on the page if they decide to click through.  And getting them to take that action is what you’re looking for in the first place!