Tips on Social Media Marketing With LinkedIn

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

LinkedIn is a leading social network for professionals.  There are almost 50 million users from over 200 countries!

Tip #1:  Reserve your business name and create a LinkedIn account.  Explore LinkedIn to learn more about it and as always, check to see if your competitors are using it, too! 

Tip #2:  Check to see if some of your customers are on LinkedIn and connect with them.

Tip #3:  LinkedIn has some wonderful features that either people don’t know about or don’t use.  For example, you can ask your customers, clients and vendors to give you a “recommendation” on your company profile. Recommendations will give your business more credibility with both potential and new customers. Recommendations can give your LinkedIn profile higher search engine results.

Tip #4:  A good marketing strategy on LinkedIn involves “groups”.  Join groups that are a good match to your business and start some conversations. Show off your expertise by answering questions presented in these conversations. If you can’t find a useful group as a resource, start one!