Tip: Answer Questions First

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

Why do existing customers come to your site?  Most likely they are trying to find an answer to their question without having to call you.

This is common knowledge to many people yet their company’s websites do not answer their visitor’s questions.   Does your site?

Here is a simple item to add to answer customer questions.  Ready for it?

Here’s the brilliant idea – put up an FAQ page on your website!  Wow, why didn’t you think of that?  This is relatively easy to do and could even be a PDF link on an existing page of your website.

How do you know what to write?  Interview anyone in customer service or support at your business and find out what the most common questions are that they hear.  Make a list of these questions and write out answers to them in an easy step by step format for someone to follow.

Make sure to announce this new feature to your existing customers once it is completed.  They will truly appreciate not having to call in and listen to your voicemail message or boring music while they wait for an answer.