Social Media Marketing Using Multi Media

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Social Media Marketing Using Multi Media

Using multi media as a marketing tool on the internet includes things like videos, photos, and audio recordings.  Learning and implementing these types of things can be challenging for small businesses.  The up-side is they can provide great social media marketing results.

Tip #1:  YouTube is good social site for small businesses. If you already post videos to your blog, upload them to YouTube as you may reach a wider audience. You can now grab the “embed” code and put the video content in your blog posts or on your website. YouTube has the analytics tools to help you monitor the effectiveness of your video content.

Tip #2:  Consider opening a Flickr account for your business and post photos of your products, your customers, or both.  Flickr is site that allows you to share photos with others and allows you to participate in discussion groups that connect you to local markets.

Tip #3:  Another interesting multi media tool is BlogTalkRadio.  This is a great way to speak directly to your target audience and customers. Get creative and have fun with it!