Safari 5.1

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

According to Apple, Safari is now “more fascinating, more secure, and more fun.”  I couldn’t agree more.  With so many new features, I have no idea where to begin.  Since I can’t talk about everything, you can satisfy your thirst for knowledge about Safari at

There’s the handy Reading List, ideal for those of us who don’t have enough time to spend on a web page when we come across it.  Simply save an interesting page to the Reading List, and when you have some time on your hands, go back and check it out.  This way, you won’t have to try and remember what you wanted to look at earlier this week, because it will be peeking at you from over on the reading list.

With the latest version of Safari comes the most secure version to date.  The Privacy Pane, found in Safari preferences, shows you what kind of data websites are storing and lets you remove it if you so desire.  It also lets you choose whether websites request your location, as well as lets you customize your cookies (delicious!).  There is also Private AutoFill.  Personally, I love it when my browser fills in my information into a web form.  But, there are times when that isn’t the case.  With Private AutoFill, Safari detects when there is a form to be filled in, and lets you choose whether or not you want your information automatically filled in.

Apple continues to make some nice improvements to its browser.