Offsite Backups: Does Your Small Business Do This?

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A day cannot go by without hearing about another new virus, malware, ransomware, cyber attack or some mischievous action that compromises business and personal systems. There are countless online reports that tally and analyze these data in a variety of manners. It can be truly mind boggling and scary to read about all the threats we need to constantly defend.

Most of us already subscribe to some type of virus/SPAM/malware software protection which is an absolute must. By-the-way, you need to protect all of your devices using this approach, especially the servers that store your business documents and run your enterprise systems. This is not news to anyone.

So let’s assume you have the basics in place to protect your business systems from viruses, malware, ransomeware, etc. You feel pretty good about the security plan for your business. Many small business owners need assistance in this area so they typically hire an IT service provider or larger businesses have one or more full-time IT professionals. Most likely part of your security plan includes backing up your servers.

This again is a key component just in case a virus, malware, ransomeware, etc. breaches your systems, you may restore things back to what they were prior to the invasive action.

Well what happens if the security breach also led to compromising your onsite backup? What do you do then? Finally the title of this article comes into play . . . an offsite backup can truly be one of your best insurances to be able to fully restore the data/systems that were impacted.

When it comes to backups some well known suggestions include:

  • Keeping a minimum of three copies of your data;
  • Storing the data in at least two different formats (i.e. disk, tape, cloud, etc.);
  • Keep at least one copy offsite to protect against unforeseen events such as fire, flood, theft, etc.

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The link below offers more information on offsite backups.