Does it Make Sense to Host My Own Website?

Robert HoldemanInternet Safety, Web Hosting

Upon deciding to build a website, your company’s first natural instinct may be to host the site internally. After all, you’ve got a computer and a broadband internet connection. That’s all you need right? Not quite.

Do you have an on-site staff that is well educated in the areas of inter-networking, web server management, internet security? A staff that isn’t dedicated to maintaining the web server could increase chances of vulnerability to hacking, worms, power outages, and a variety of other risks.

Do you have backup power sources? When the power goes out what keeps your servers running. UPS systems are good, but outages can last longer than a battery.

Do you have the right type of internet connection with enough bandwidth? DSL and cable Internet connections are not reliable enough to be good web hosting options. Choosing a connection type that provides insufficient bandwidth, or bandwidth that gets used by your own internal uses such as web browsing, email sending/receiving, will result in slow web performance.

And, have you considered the cost of these things? The most economical solution is to place your website into a shared-hosting environment. With a variety of websites running on the same server, costs can be kept to a minimum. (If your site must run on its own computer see our colocation options.)

Comstar offers a variety of shared web hosting packages. You can choose a base hosting package to fit your needs. Then add any options to make the service perfect.

Service Area
Comstar LLC is located in Waukesha, Wisconsin (just west of Milwaukee). For clients who prefer to host within reasonable driving distance, our primary service areas would include Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha, and Chicago, Illinois. We also provide web hosting for companies in other states and countries.

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