List Building Club – Review

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Whether your business is online or offline, virtual or brick and mortar, one of your biggest assets is your customer and prospect list.  Don’t get me wrong, simply having a list does not create value.  Copying names out of a phone book doesn’t create value.  Buying a list from a list broker doesn’t create value.

Having a list of people who have already responded to you and your business by their request, in a positive manner is priceless.  These are the people to whom you can sell your products or services, perhaps over and over again!

In the offline world, prospect lists can be created by advertising to get people to call or visit your business.  When they appear, it’s important to keep track of who they are.  In the online world, the process is similar, but if structured correctly your prospects identify themselves and make themselves open to your offers.  How exciting is that!

So how can you learn about building a solid prospect list online?  Join the ListBuilding Club.

The ListBuilding Club includes a course that provides excellent instruction and growth for new, intermediate, and even advanced internet marketers.  Learning is provided in step-by-step videos, written articles, and audios.  Whatever your learning style, there’s something for you.

Even  new internet marketers who don’t have a business idea will benefit because training begins with assistance in finding a niche, buying a domain name, and setting up a hosting account.  From here the lessons move into building blog to help enhance your prospect list.  You’re setup and ready to go within the first 5 lessons!

Besides access to the lessons you can also take part in a “Marathon” call every month where staff members answer questions about nagging issues you might be experiencing in your businesses.  Every member of the ListBuilding Club, regardless of their membership level, is invited to join in this call.

Members can also ask questions in a web-based discussion forum.  There your questions will be answered by other members and Listbuilding Club ambassadors.  This is especially exciting for me since I am one of the LBC ambassadors.  So, by joining the listbuilding club you’ll get personal access to me and my nearly 15 years of internet experience!  This, in addition to all the other ListBuilding Club benefits.

For intermediate marketers, there are tutorials on different forms of traffic, on creating a product, and on using social media to its best advantage.  There are also “Website Spotlight” calls where three to five club members’ websites are critiqued by members of the staff.

If you’re an experienced marketer, needing more specific advice from those with the greatest level of experience, you might enjoy ListBuilding 4-1-1.  With this premium level of service you get all the other benefits plus access to an exclusive video discussion forum.  You can ask a question every day and, within 24 hours, you’ll have an answer in video format from a member of the staff.

The ListBuilding Club memberships start at a mere $97 per month (but you can sample it for free, read on).  With all of the materials available, the calls, the forums, and access to other experts (myself included), it’s quite a bargain. 

There is so much helpful information available to you as a member, that a potential downside is information overload.  I always recommend that new members start with lesson 1 and follow in order.  Don’t get ahead of yourself.  Of course if you’re stuck you can always post a message on the discussion forum and we’ll be there to help you out.

The ListBuilding Club is well worth the money.  You could certainly spend a lot more on several different products and never get the quality or quantity available inside the club.  If you’re looking to move your business forward online, consider the ListBuilding Club.

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I look forward to seeing you on the other side.