Just How Safe is My Critical Data?

Robert HoldemanInternet Safety, Web Hosting

Sometimes you may have the need to transfer or store data off of your own network. Comstar’s data services make this easy.

Data Backup
There’s no question that a recent backup of important information is vital for both business and personal computers. Unfortunately, backing up is one of the first things we let slide only to find out how valuable it really is when it’s already too late. Had you done a simple backup, you could have restored your lost work simply and easily, saving you time, money and countless headaches.

Why do we let something as important as a data backup slide when we know how important it is? Because most backup methods are costly, difficult to administer and use, take time and effort, and do not guard against major disasters. You usually end up failing to backup simply because you’ve run out of time, energy, or even tapes!

How would you like an easy to use solution that saves you time and money? The entire contents of your computer hard-drive can be backed up remotely using your internet connection. Once you download and install a small application, your files are backed up. Then any time a file is changed, it is backed up. You always have a complete set of files replicated off site.

Because the data is stored offsite, it ensures your data will be safe even in the event of a major disaster, such as a fire, flood, tornado or earthquake. There’s no need to purchase any special equipment or supplies, you only need access to the Internet. And the best part is that once you’ve set up the software, you never have to tell your system to run a backup. It’s automatic. You will have peace of mind knowing your data is there when you need it.

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