Internet Explorer 9

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

Internet Explorer 9 offers you increased performance in both functionality and security.  There are several features in particular that I would like to highlight for you.  For a more complete view of all the features that IE 9 has to offer, visit

The updated notification bar allows for faster browsing.  You no longer have to deal with pesky dialogue boxes popping up everywhere, because all messages are consolidated in the notification bar at the bottom of your screen.  You can tend to the notifications whenever you fancy, or you can completely ignore them.  All of the messages, error notifications and warnings that show up in your handy notification bar are now easier to understand and act upon.

You now have the ability to go to your favorite websites straight from the taskbar on your computer!  It’s called pinning a site.  When you click on your pinned site, the internet will come up, where the navigation controls and browser frame will have incorporated the site’s icon and primary color.  This provides an exceptional viewing experience of your site.

In terms of security, let’s just say IE 9 has got your back!  There are a lot of filters and threat detectors that all sound very impressive.  In particular, the SmartScreen Filter.  This handy filter protects you from all sorts of things you can encounter during your internet experience.  It features anti-phishing protection, application reputation, and anti-malware protection, all working together to keep your computer and online information safe.

There is another security feature called InPrivate Browsing, which is great if you are using a shared computer or one located in a library or internet café.  InPrivate Browsing  works to prevent your browsing history, cookies, form data, passwords, and other information from being retained by the browser.  You can start an InPrivate session with a simple Ctrl+Shift+P, and end your session by closing the browser window.

So many features are presented with the release of Internet Explorer 9, I can agree with Microsoft when they say that IE 9 is fast, clean, and trusted.