Google Chrome 11.0.696.50

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

Google Chrome is known for its speed, simplicity, and security.  The newest release is version 11.0.696.50, and comes with the features to back up its reputation.  Let’s look at some of these features today.  For a complete look at Google Chrome, check out

Chrome has its own V8, literally.  It is a more powerful JavaSript engine that was built in order to run complex web apps with speed.  And we all know that incredibly speed = extremely convenient for us!  It is also fast and easy to search and navigate.  Gone are the days of separate navigation and search bars, as they have united into Chrome’s Omnibox.  Simply start typing in what you want, and a suggested list of both websites and search results will be provided by what Chrome calls the “Instant Feature,” all before you hit enter.

Chrome helps to protect you and your beloved computer from malicious websites through several different technologies.  Safe Browsing displays a warning page if you go to a site that is suspected of containing malware or phishing, a warning page will show up in your browser to alert you.  Another technology, Sandboxing, is used to help prevent malware from installing itself on your computer.  It also protects you from pages that attempt to monitor your internet activities, steal information from your hard drive, and leave programs on your unsuspecting computer.  Finally, there are auto-updates that make sure all of your security measures are up-to-date.  They are updated automatically – you don’t have to click or do anything.

Your private information should stay private.  Chrome allows you to browse in Incognito Mode, which keeps any of your actions from being recorded.  This comes in handy when you don’t want to keep changing your privacy settings back and forth between browsing sessions.  When in Incognito Mode, you get to see a cool little incognito man icon in the corner of your screen!  (It looks really cool).

Chrome always sets its standards high by continually improving their blazing fast speed and peace of mind security and privacy settings.