Google Analytics Changes Coming Soon to Every Website Near You

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One of the keys to the growth of Google is the free service they offer to any website owner, the collecting and analyzing of website traffic data, called Google Analytics. This is accomplished by Google’s special code that needs to be installed on every page of a website, called Universal Analytics (UA). This code has been installed on millions of websites since it was first introduced, making Google Analytics the gold standard for website statistics and the basis for most any internet marketing.

In a little more than a year, on July 1, 2023, Google will sunset the existing Universal Analytics program. On that date all UA accounts will stop collecting data from websites.

Google has now released the newest version of their free tracking code, called GA4, which offers more capabilities in tracking website events and interactions, while still collecting the data website owners and internet marketers are used to. They recommend it be installed on all websites by June 30, 2022, alongside the existing UA code. This will provide at least a year of historical data accessible in the GA4 account when the sunset takes place.

Here is what needs to be done to prepare:

  • Login to your Google Analytics account
  • Create a GA4 property
  • Create a GA4 on-page tag
  • Enable Real Time stats
  • Login to your website and install the GA4 tag on all website pages
  • Test to confirm collection of website traffic data

Comstar can make this important change for websites that we are hosting on our web servers, so it doesn’t have to be anything to stress about. The cost depends on the website and what platform it was built on. Please complete the form below to receive a quote for Comstar to manage this change for your business or organization.

Email if you have questions and let us know a good time to call you.

The new code should be installed by June 30, 2022, so be sure to request your quote soon to get on the schedule.