Firefox 4.0

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

Firefox 4.0 is bringing together all sorts of new features for the ultimate web browsing experience.  It comes with a ton of awesome features, like the Awesome Bar, 3D, and more! For a complete picture of everything 4.0 has to offer, visit

Let’s start with the Awesome Bar.  What makes it so awesome?  It lets you get to your favorite sites quickly, even if you cannot remember the URL’s!  All you need to do is type a term into the bar and it will automatically bring up possible matches from your bookmarks, browsing history, and tabs.  The more you use the Awesome Bar, the more it adapts to your preferences.

You now have the ability to connect your desktop and mobile Firefox by using Sync.  Sync allows you to access your passwords, browsing history, bookmarks and tabs on either device.  This is probably one of the coolest features I have ever heard of.  With Sync, you can begin a browsing session on your desktop, and then pick up your mobile device and continue browsing from the exact same spot.  All of the tabs on your desktop are on your device too!  This is beyond convenient.

With Firefox 4.0, your privacy and security is the #1 priority.  Anti-virus and anti-phishing integration, parental controls, outdated plugin detection, secure updates and more are all working together to keep you safe on the internet.  One of the more interesting features is Instant Website ID.  If you think a site is not as legit as it should be, you can click its “favicon” for an instant overview of the site.  This helps you to determine if the site is really what it claims to be.  This is very handy if you are questioning on whether or not to make a purchase from the site.

Firefox continues to improve features and security as the latest version is 7.01.  My post today covered the major features of 4.0 (which was released about 6 months ago) which remain as central features of Firefox.