DotNetNuke (DNN) At- A-Glance

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

DotNetNuke is a website Content Management (or CMS) platform for Microsoft.  It is estimated that over 700,000 web sites are powered by DNN around the world.

DNN is an open source CMS that can also be used as a web application.

DNN provides great benefits to developers, end users and decision makers to support a variety of web business goals.

Advantages for Developers

DNN is built on a Microsoft platform. It’s easy to customize and test apps by using an open API.

DotNetNuke also allows changing the appearance of your web site by adding DNN apps. There are as many as 10,000 commercial apps in the DNN product Store.  You can even build your own custom application.

Advantages for End Users

DNN is an easy to use CMS.  New users can learn to change content quickly, without extensive training or IT support.   The editing tools are powerful and intuitive.

Advantages for Decision Makers

DNN has low start-up costs because it is open source.  The Microsoft platform means your business can get begin implementing your ideas sooner rather than later.

DNN is easy for your employees to make changes and keep the site secure.  New modules can be added such as video, photo galleries, testimonials, and FAQs.