Don’t Forget to Respond!

Joseph ComoBlog Tips

Sitting at your computer, you bring up your blog and see that something is different…what’s that? It’s a comment!  Someone has commented on your post!  Now what?  Well, you should reply back.  While this seems like a no-brainer, it is very important to remember to do so.  Responding to comments shows that you care about your readers and what they think, and it establishes a relationship with your readers as well.

There is an endless possibility of things that you can include in a response.  If a reader commented on how great a post was, and that post is part of a series, you could thank them and remind them to stay tuned for upcoming posts in the series.

If a reader has a question about something you wrote, try and clarify it as best as you can.  Giving specific examples of what you were talking about often makes explaining things easier.  You could also take this opportunity to share links you find helpful in explaining the topic further if they are interested.

Responding to a comment in a way that begins a discussion can be very benefiting for you.  It often will bring up topics that spark ideas for new blog posts.  If your readers are discussing a specific topic with you, they obviously want to hear more about it – and you should take advantage of that.

Most importantly, put some thought into your response.  Remember, this is an extension of your blog.

This concludes our series of posts on blogging.  We hope that you had as much fun learning some new blogging tips as we had sharing them with you!

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