Creating Websites – Exposing the Myths

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

It’s time to build a new website or update a current one.  Now what?  How do you determine which website professional is right for you and your business?  There are many half-truths or even complete lies out there.  I have made a small list of website myths and busted them for you!  My hope is that it will help educate you so you can make an informed decision about your next website.

A website design company is the same as a website development company.

False.  Website design companies create good looking sites that are visually appealing but lack the ability to interest and guide visitors to what they really want to accomplish.  A website needs to be USEFUL and USED, going beyond the look and feel .  The purpose of a website development company is to provide it all; design, functionality, quality traffic and conversion.   

Adding a blog to your website is a waste of time and money.

False.  Nearly 40% of businesses in the U.S. use a blog as a part of their internet marketing strategy and report that it is vital for establishing credibility with their target audience and improving the quality of their website visitors.  These businesses also claim that their website blog increases lead generation by approximately 90%. 

The design elements of the website are the most important.

False.  Today’s web designers have tools with lots of artistic capabilities.  They can use Flash, shadows, even 3D effects to give you the unique “WOW” factor you’re looking for.   Be careful.  Research studies have shown that only 10% of web visitors are awed by the design of a website.  76% of web users are more interested in sites that are easy to use and helpful in finding what they’re looking for.  Visitor satisfaction means user-friendly navigation, painless shopping and up-to-date content.

A mobile version of your website is not worthwhile.

False.   Accessing the web using a mobile device is a growing trend that, in my opinion, is not going to go away anytime soon.  Many professional web development companies offer mobile friendly versions of both new and existing websites.   For some businesses, a mobile version might not be important due to the age of the target market.  But that could change quickly.  More and more older consumers are using smart phones and tablets.