Comstar’s Advanced Spam/Virus Filter

Robert HoldemanInternet Safety, Product Recommendations, Web Hosting

In today’s virus-laden and prolific spamming environment, email filtering has become a necessity. A good, reliable, filtering system is needed to reduce the clutter so that you can spend your time reading the email you want, rather than the bulk that you do not.

Comstar ‘s Advanced email filtering provides an individually configurable message center. This means that you can set your filters to meet your needs. In several different spam categories you can select filtering from lenient to aggressive. You can also create your own white-list of always approved addresses, and black-list of always blocked addresses. Mail that is blocked is held in quarantine, giving you the opportunity to make sure it’s not blocking desirable email. Viruses definitions are updated within minutes of their creation. This helps assure that your incoming email is virus-free.

Advanced email filtering is an inexpensive add-on to any hosting package, whether we host your email accounts or you have your own email server. Stop the junk and viruses. Call 262-953-6000 today!