Back Up Your Website!

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

Backing up a website is one of those things we often forget only to realize what a poor decision that was when it’s too late.

Why do we skip something this important?  Had we just done the simple backup, we could have restored our lost work and saved time, money and headaches!

If you read last week’s blog, you will start to understand why it is easy to let backups slide.  Most backup operations are difficult to understand and use.   It takes time and effort just to decide how to get things started.

At the very least, every business should have a copy of their original website design, its contents, photos, graphics and databases.

There are many online backup services out there.  In one click, you can “zip” up your website and store it off-site on the service provider’s server.  Or, you can use FTP to download a copy of your website files to a back up folder of your own computer.

Of course, the easiest solution is to let someone else take care of it!  Comstar backs up websites that subscribe to our Small Business Hosting plan, $29.95/month.  We do a full back up on websites and databases each week.  Then, we back up incrementally each night to save your daily changes and updates. 

What if you host with Comstar but did not sign up for the Small Business plan?  Simply visit us at or give me a call at 262-953-6025 if you want to upgrade your hosting plan to include backups.

Just imagine the piece of mind you’ll have knowing there is a backup of your website.  Plus, when your website is backed up off-site, it means it’s safe even if a major disaster such as flood, fire or tornado strikes your office! 

What happens if disaster should hit Comstar?  We have backups of backups – and we store them away from our building for safe keeping.  Some say we are overly cautious.  Would you have it any other way?