Are You a Creator of Creative Content?

Joseph ComoBlog Tips

There are blogs dealing with virtually everything you can think of.  With many others writing blogs on the exact same things you are, how in the world are you going to make yours be the one that is read?  The secret is in the content of the post.  So, want to hear a secret?

A great way to begin separating yourself from the crowd on a particular topic is to take a different perspective on it.  Bring up a new idea or point that others have failed to mention.  This will provide a breath of fresh air for readers who have been reading the exact same thing in blog after blog.  Dare to be different.

Write down exactly what you are thinking.  Don’t try to spice things up with words you looked up in the thesaurus.  An embellished post can distract from what you are trying to share with the reader.  That being said, don’t add things to the post if they aren’t necessary.  Filler words and extra sentences are just ways of restating what you already said.  You don’t want to sound like a broken record player.  I think I just dated myself!

Make use of bullet point lists.  This is a great way to highlight your main points and shows the reader exactly what you are going to talk about.

Is there a call to action in your post?  Does it make your reader want to do something, maybe even utilize some of the services you offer?  This would be a great place to link to your company’s website so your reader can get more information on the services you offer.

While you want everyone to be coming to your blog, it is useful to include links to other blogs or websites that you find to be useful on your topic.  This allows readers to see where you go to read, and your blog could potentially get linked on those other blogs as well.  If you are indeed linked in other blogs, you have the potential for more traffic directed to your blog.  In addition, the more links there are to your blog, the higher your rank in search engine results.  Linking is simply a great way for more and more people to see your blog.

Well, the secret’s out! Using these tricks will improve your posts and make you different from all those other guys.  Happy blogging!

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