4 Great Ways to Start a Blog Post

Joseph ComoBlog Tips

An effective opening statement is key when writing a blog post.  It captures the reader’s interest, and makes them want to continue reading.  The opening statement also helps to define what you are writing about, and what a reader can expect to learn by the end of the post. Lack of an opening statement can lead to confusion as to what the post is actually about, which may lead to loss of interest by the reader.

Here are some great ways to grab your reader’s attention from the very beginning of your post:

1. Ask a thought provoking question

Starting off your post with a question that leaves the reader hanging will have them reading your post, eagerly looking for the answer.  A question such as “How do I find the right business to design my website?” will leave the reader wondering, thus having them read further into the post.  The question also states what topic your article will talk about.

2. Ask a one-answer question.

Another type of question that you can begin with is one that the reader is able to answer with a simple “yes” or “no.”  “Do you want to drive more traffic to your website?” is an example of a one-answer question.  Again, this not only states what your post will be about – it also has your reader thinking that yes, they want to know how to get more traffic to their website.  They will have a reason to continue reading the post.

3. Make a claim

Stating that you will help the reader accomplish something specific will give them a reason to keep reading past the first sentence.  An example of this could be “Today, I will guide you on how to create an eye-appealing website.”  It is important to remember that when making a claim like this that you actually follow through with it in your post.  Don’t get the reader excited about helping them improve the look of their website if you aren’t going to deliver the advice.

4. Start with something unexpected

Switch it up every once and a while by starting a post with a short story, quote, or analogy.  This freshens up the post and can make it more fun to read.  For example, you could start with a witty reference to Isaac Newton.  “The other day, I had an apple fall on my head, and it caused me to realize that I need to make my website mobile friendly.”  Something like this will get the reader laughing, and then they will go on and read how to make their website available on mobile devices.

We hope that these ideas work well for you and start getting your blog noticed by more readers!

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