Writing for the Web vs Print

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

How did you decide what content was going to go on your website?  Did you just take the text from your sell sheets and other materials and retype it onto your site?  If so, you need to know that the content on printed materials may not be effective for the web.  Print media does not always translate well to the website because there are certain techniques for online writing that you need to follow.

Why would the print media not translate well?  The answer is that visitors to your website have a different reading style than say those reading a printed document.  When visitors come to a site, they quickly scan the page for relevant information that jumps out at them.  Chances are they will not sit in front of a computer screen and read word for word.  Therefore your content needs to be presented effectively, have the ability to be read quickly, and be easy to understand.

Stay tuned – web writing tips will be posted soon!