Tips on Social Media Marketing With Facebook

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

Planning and executing effective marketing is a challenge for every business. Give your marketing efforts new life by using social media.

Facebook has over 300 million users. This may seem like a huge number for you to target but Facebook offers a very powerful way to build a social marketing presence and connect to prospects at a low cost.

If you’re business is not already active on Facebook; get started right away!

Tip #1:  Search Facebook for your competition and take a look at their Facebook set up. Spend some time reading their posts, looking photos and/or videos and get an understanding of how they’re using Facebook to market themselves. Note the types of Pages they have created, any groups they have created, and how many fans do they have?

Tip #2:  Be aware that if you use your company name for your personal account, you won’t be able to use it for your company’s Fan Page (Fan Pages have special rules).  Create a page before reserving your company’s name.

Tip #3:  Register a Business Account on Facebook.  There are limitations on these types of accounts but you’ll have a Business Fan Page to send out your message. As people register as a “fan” they will view your updates as they flow to their pages. You can also link to local ads on Facebook.