Tip: Put it in the Heading!

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

As you can imagine, website visitors barely read what you write.  They are all about skimming a page for the information they are looking for.  The easiest way to help them find what they are looking for is with page headings.

It is very important that you figure out what visitors to your site are looking for and put it in the headings.  Why?  They are more likely to stay longer on your site if information they are looking for is easy to find.   Does your site make it easy?

An easy trick to improve your headings is to make sure that the first word in every headline is the most powerful word. They should also be made up of highly relevant keywords that catch the eye. And please do not put industry jargon into your headings.  Everyday visitors do not talk exactly like you do!

Headings are so important that some experts even recommend that you spend as much time writing the headlines as you do the rest of the content.

Your assignment: Rewrite & improve two of your page headings each day this week.