Social Media Marketing Tip – Other People’s Blogs

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

You might ask yourself why would you spend valuable time participating in discussions and writing comments on other people’s blogs?

It takes time to establish a reputation of being the expert in your industry.  Since your customers don’t always find you, it’s up to you to “get out there” and build your own credibility.

Tip #1:  Learn and identify 2 or 3 blogs in your industry, or one that services your target market, and start reading them regularly.  Be sure to participate in the discussions. Try to add value to the discussion by using personal experience about things that have worked for you in the past, or things that have not. Get to know the other people that visit and write.  These will be good contacts. 

Tip #2:  After you’ve established a level of trust and credibility, you will feel more comfortable asking the blog owners whether they would let you to post an article as a guest author on their blog.  This is a good way to make you stand out as a knowledgeable resource for the topic.  Your new audience can become prospects or at least contacts in your network.

Tip #3:  You should also ask others to become a guest author for your blog. They might bring their audience to you. 

Using these techniques to market your company will take time but it will make opportunities, too! Don’t wait!