Professional Website Development – The Process Begins With Planning

Robert HoldemanWeb Design, Website Tips

Building a new website is a lot like building a new house. It takes proper planning, great organization, an eye for detail, and an experienced, efficient building crew. To ensure success of your website project, these same principles must be applied.

Planning is the first step in establishing an understanding of your company and project requirements. Comstar’s Website Design Workshop may be used to step you through the process of developing your website. The planning stage encompasses your online philosophy, desired website characteristics, and other components necessary to customize your web presence, including direction for our design team to head in developing the look and feel, the navigation, and any functional elements that may be called for.

The status of your web assets can be determined and content can begin to be organized, such as page copy, images, videos, etc.

A Design Workshop may also be part of the planning process if online shopping or other web applications will be a component of your website. The primary purpose of the design workshop is to identify the requirements of the online store or application from both a business and technical standpoint. Upon completion of the workshop, an integrated design can be developed.