Photo Captions & Excitement

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

It is common that when someone creates a scrapbook or an online gallery to show off photos that they add captions around or below the photo.  Why do they do this?  To help the visitor understand what they are looking at and get them excited as well.

This same concept can be applied to your website too.  Adding a caption below photos may help to increase visitor interest.  Tell the visitor exactly what you want them to look at in the photo.  The photos should match the text on that page.  If the photo relation is not obvious, a caption could really help so that your visitor does not say “I don’t get it.”

Also, make sure that your photos are exciting and motivate visitors to take action.  Does a photo of the front of your building or a sign with your name really get visitors excited?  Try to put yourself in the visitor’s eyes and think about what you would want to see.

Remember, your goal with photos is to make it easier for the visitor to envision themselves being helped by your product or service.