One Font Type

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

Is font important on a website?  Yes!  The font is an important element in creating a visitor-oriented homepage.  You’ve heard me mention visitor-oriented homepage before right?

Here are some “rules” about font – Make sure that you are using only one font type throughout the page.  This is very important so that the eye follows along properly from paragraph to paragraph.

Also, try and make all of the text just one size.  Many websites make the mistake of using small text in one section and large text in another section of the page to grab attention.  What option does that leave you with if you can’t use different sizes to make something stand out?  Use bold to emphasize important points.

Mixing different sizes, italics, bold, and different font styles can be a disaster.  The reason is that it causes the eye to jump around and it takes away from the natural flow of the text.