No Industry Jargon!

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

The navigation of your website is only useful if the visitor finds the correct word to click on for the information they are looking for.  Is your navigation successful at this?

Make sure that the words you are using on the navigation buttons are terms that your visitors would use (no industry jargon).  Some websites try to come up with cute names to describe things but this just wastes a visitors time because now you are making them click on the page just to figure out if this is what they are looking for or not.

Also, make sure that you at the very least have a button for “home” and a button for “contact us”.

As long as we are on the subject, a bonus tip for you is to be careful of the number of navigation choices that you give.  Giving visitors too many choices only confuses them, not helps them.  For this reason, try to stay around seven choices on your first level of navigation.  Seven.  You can do it!