New Website Firm? 3 Things to Check For

Joseph ComoWebsite Tools

Here are three important things to check for when searching for a new website designer.

1. Legitimate Experience

Just because someone has done something before it does not give them the credentials to achieve the best results or to be called an expert.  Your chances of success improve by finding a company with a dedicated team.  This team should have experience in all of your requirements.

2. Project Progress Approval

You may feel that a website designer has legitimate experience and understood your needs but remember, it is your business. You should see and approve the progress and navigation before it goes live to the world. The second element you should look for in a website designer is the ability to view a project prototype. This way if you see something you do not like, it can be changed immediately. It’s faster and cheaper to fix a design than the final product.

3. Editing Capabilities

It is common for information to be changed or added to a website. If you expect frequent changes, the third element to look for is a company that offers a content management tool allowing you to make changes. If you do not have editing capabilities, you must rely on the website designer for every minor change, adding additional cost and time.