Mobile Devices and Tablets Drive 7% of Total U.S. Digital Traffic

Joseph ComoWebsite Tips

A recent report from comScore,Inc. called “Digital Omnivores”, revealed that nearly 7% of digital traffic in the U.S. is driven by smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.  The report says that digital media consumption is exploding and the impact on online visitation is tremendous!

The term “digital omnivore” is defined by the report as “a consumer who accesses content through several touchpoints during the course of their daily lives”. 

The report goes on to say that, “…in order to meet the needs of these consumers, advertisers and publishers must learn to navigate this new landscape so they develop cross-platform strategies to effectively engage their audiences.”

According to the report, half of the total U.S. mobile population uses mobile media and those mobile media users grew 19 percent to more than 116 million people at the end of summer 2011. Almost 54% of tablet owners use their tablets to research information before making a purchase.

What does that mean for your business website? It means you need to have a mobile presence for a connected device (phone or tablet) in addition to your current web/internet presence.  If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, now is the time to act!

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