Manage Your Own Website Content and Keep it Fresh

Robert HoldemanWeb Design, Website Tips

Anyone who has ever had a successful website can attest that one of the more daunting, yet crucial, tasks that you must perform as a website owner is content maintenance. That is, you must keep the text on your website current, relevant, accurate, and fresh. There are several ways to go about managing the content on your website.

First, you can call your website developer and request that they make changes to your site. Of course this will cost you money. Every little change takes time and your web developer will bill for that. Plus you’re at the mercy of the developer’s schedule. Even the best intentioned developer likely has other clients placing demands on their time. This means that your little change may not be implemented in the time-frame that you would prefer.

Second, you can edit the website yourself. In most cases, this requires the learning of a computer language or at least a new tool. There also exists good potential for damaging various functions of your site. Without proper training and experience, editing your website is risky. You’ve already spent some good money, and you need your site to work for your business. Why take a chance that your editing has unintended consequences?

The third option is web-based Content Management System (CMS). This suite of useful tools can make web content updates simple. You can make changes on your schedule, with no incremental costs, and no risk of damage to the underlying website. Best of all – you don’t need any prior experience to use the software. Training is provided.