Make Your Website an “Oreo Cookie”

Joseph ComoShameless Self Promotion, Website Tips

I recently finished reading a book by Dan Furman, “Do The Web Write.”  In it, Furman talked about being an “Oreo.”  I found it humorous that he thought we should turn our businesses into one of America’s favorite cookies, but he proved a very valid point.  I would like to share this point with you.

In his book, Furman stated that “store brand cream-filled cookies” are nothing like the real Oreo.  Oreos have a distinct flavor that no other cookie can match.  Same with businesses.

There are thousands of businesses that state what services they offer on their website, and that’s fine.  But they never talk about anything that makes them unique – they have no distinct flavor (clearly, they must be store brand). When writing for your website, write about what is unique to your business.  What is something you can do that no one else out there does?  This can be anything, big or small.  It could be something serious, like the fact that you can complete a project 2 days faster than any other competitor in your city.  Or, it could be something more lighthearted, such as saying your customer service team always answers the phone with a smile and  goofy clown hats on their heads.

Adding a touch of personality to your site will help you to stand out from others, and potentially gain you more business.  Showing that you are not another standard company and that you can offer a truly unique experience is what will give you that competitive edge.  Say what you do, and why you do it best.  Be creative!

Now, go be an Oreo.  No more of this store brand nonsense!