Locally Hosted Web Servers

Eugene "Skip" MathiasUncategorized

Upon deciding to build a website, your company’s first natural instinct may be to host the site internally. After all, you’ve got a computer and a broadband internet connection. That’s all you need right? Not quite.

Do you have an on-site staff that is well educated in the areas of inter-networking, web server management, internet security? A staff that isn’t dedicated to maintaining the web server could increase chances of vulnerability to hacking, worms, power outages, and a variety of other risks.

Do you have backup power sources? When the power goes out what keeps your servers running. UPS systems are good, but outages can last longer than a battery.

Do you have the right type of internet connection with enough bandwidth? DSL and cable Internet connections are not reliable enough to be good web hosting options. Choosing a connection type that provides insufficient bandwidth, or bandwidth that gets used by your own internal uses such as web browsing, email sending/receiving, will result in slow web performance.

And, have you considered the cost of these things? The most economical solution is to place your website into a shared-hosting environment. With a variety of websites running on the same server, costs can be kept to a minimum. (If your site must run on its own computer see our colocation options.)

Comstar offers a variety of shared web hosting packages. You can choose a base hosting package to fit your needs. Then add any options to make the service perfect.