Internet advertising revenues set a new record

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Internet advertising revenues set a new record for the first quarter of 2012.  $8.4 billion is the reported revenue according to the IAB – Interactive Advertising Bureau.

It is the highest revenue ever reported and is a 15 percent increase over the $7.3 billion reported in the first quarter of 2011.

Randall Rothenberg is President and CEO of IAB, and says, “More online consumers than ever are taking to the internet to inform and navigate their daily lives–by desktop, tablet or smartphone.  Marketers and agencies are clearly–and wisely–investing dollars to reach digitally connected consumers.”

Sherrill Mane is Senior Vice President of Research, Analytics and Measurement for IAB.  She states that, “Digital media captures consumers’ imaginations, and marketers increasingly turn to interactive advertising to successfully speak to their customers.”

The IAB sponsors this report, which is  independently conducted by an outside group.  The results are considered very accurate because the data is collected directly from companies selling advertising on the Internet.  The reports includes information on revenues generated by online advertising from Web sites, commercial online services, free email providers, and all other companies selling digital advertising.

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