In the Spirit of the Season

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One of the best ways to celebrate life is by giving back. In this season of giving none deserve more than those who give of themselves, so here are some non-profit organizations doing good for their fellow men and women, who would appreciate your support through online donations:

  • Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety – “Give a gift that truly matters… one that will make a difference in helping burn survivors achieve the bright future they all deserve!”
  • Waukesha Education Foundation – “Most of us are products of public education and school districts that preceding generations helped to build and fund. You can show that same stewardship for future generations.”
  • Literary Council of Greater Waukesha – “The Literacy Council of Greater Waukesha, Inc., provides confidential, one-on-one tutoring and mentoring services to individuals who need help with reading, writing, spelling, math, and English as a second language.”
  • Second Hand Purrs – A no-kill cat shelter, Second Hand Purrs is run exclusively by volunteers and operates solely by donations.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!